Medical and diagnostic center
Medical and diagnostic center

Medical and diagnostic center "Modern dermatology and surgery"

Medical cosmetology does not hide shortcomings, but eliminates the causes.
Center provides a wide range of services - from consultations to beauty procedures.
Professional care, masks, facial cleansing, massages, including anti-cellulite, medical pedicure, depilation, aesthetic medicine, rejuvenation, non-surgical lifting, oval face correction, wrinkle, stimulation of collagen production, biorevitalization, injections of beauty.
Used only certified drugs of the best world brands.
Welcome to the professional medical professionals, the clinical conditions of cleanliness and security, and the high quality of services.



Treatment for psoriasis. Phototherapy of psoriasis. Immunobiotic therapy for psoriasis. Atopic dermatitis. Vitiligo Rosacea Acne (acne, acne, acne). Birthmarks. Nevusi Seborrheic dermatitis. Dermatitis. Eczema. Toxicoderma Phototherapy. Cryosurgery Skin care products.

Surgical procedures

Removal of formations: papillomas (uncomplicated) on the body, on the face, in various areas (package) with anesthesia, surgical removal of benign skin formations, surgical removal of tumors of the skin (classical elliptical excision) of I, II, III levels of difficulty, nonoperative removal of veins, excision scarring, furuncle breakdown, ingrown nail (marginal resection), pancreatic biopsy of the skin.

Specialization of doctors

Dermatologist, pediatric dermatologist, surgeon, vascular surgeon, cosmetologist, dietician, cardiologist, rheumatologist, therapist, gynecologist, holter, urologist, ophthalmologist, ultrasound doctor, mammal, oncologist, endocrinologist, neuropathologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, infectious disease specialist.


Mechanical (manual), ultrasonic face cleansing, peeling, VIP care, regeneration, biorevitalization, botulinum therapy, nonoperative facial lift, contour and volume plastic nasolabial folds, depilation / shugaring, massage.

Procedures of the trichologist

Massage of the scalp, microcurrents, ultrasound therapy, mesotherapy of hair.

Gynecologist procedures

Establishment / removal of the Navy, cytology, planting on the flora, planting on mushrooms, colposcopy, gynecological smear.


Dermatoscopy, cardiogram, holter (cardiology / pressure), trichoscopy.


Development of an individual diet, weight correction, special offer for major illness, correction of metabolic syndrome.


Види консультацій: первинна, повторна/суміжна консультація фахівця, консультація дерматолога, гінеколога (розширений протокол), терапевта, консиліум (запрошення фахівців), консультація фахівця (з виїздом в межах Полтави).

Ultrasound diagnostics

Ultrasonography of the abdominal cavity (OCHP), small pelvis (OMT), urology (kidneys, bladder, prostate gland, residual urine). Ultrasonography of the mammary gland, thyroid gland, neck and head vessels, bone and muscle tissue, soft tissues, ultrasound of the heart, ultrasound of the lower extremities veins, ultrasound arteries of the lower extremities, ultrasound complex (OMT, OCHP, thyroid gland).

Podoloda procedures

Nail fungus treatment with a PACT lamp, cryodestruction, medical pedicure, preparatory nail polishing, prevention and treatment of ingrown nails, treatment of hyperhidrosis (increased sweating of the legs), treatment of fungal lesions (mycoses) based on analyzes, treatment and removal of corns, tattoos, treatment of cracks, scab and sown on mushrooms, glow with a Wood lamp.

Day hospital

Providing a bed for the day, nursing services, consulting a doctor.

Seminar by Natalya Bilash, children's dermatologist

Atopic dermatitis in children: how to recognize and ease life.

November 17, 11:00, Poltava, st. Hay, 4/2

Reservation of places: (099) 601 0770


Medical and diagnostic center "Modern Dermatology and Surgery" by means of actions provides an opportunity for its clients to receive more services for the same price.

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Discount November

In November, the reception of a podium with a discount of 33%.

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Phototherapy. Special price of November - 500 UAH!

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Medical-diagnostic center "Modern dermatology and surgery" in Poltava regularly provides discounts for medical services!

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2018/11/30 - The term of the action


Putting above all the interests of the client - a kind of philosophy of professional activity, which we demonstrate in everything - from the first step of the client in our medical institution and the selection of professions of doctors up to the choice of the location of the treatment and diagnostic center "Modern Dermatology and Surgery". 

Julia Olekseevna


Svetlana Volodymyrivna


Natalia Viktorivna

Head doctor

Our advantages

Convenient location


Public transport


Day hospital




Effective treatment

We are not the only ones - we are reliable

We treat skin diseases:

Atopic dermatitis
Acne disease
Seborrheic dermatitis

We provide a solid, lasting effect.

Trichology: treatment

Androgenic alopecia
Alopecia Diffuse
Hair loss
Hair splitting
Head skin scaling (dandruff)
Skin rash
Changes in pigmentation of hair (hay fever)

Revival of hair beauty is the key to your success in the area of your choice!

Solve problems:

Sweat feet
Unpleasant smell


Fungal diseases
We treat the nails that have grown, without pain and surgical intervention

Medical and diagnostic center "Modern Dermatology and Surgery" will take care of the return of health to your feet.

 Programs for the body

Anti-cellulite program
Circular body tightening
Treatment of stretch marks, stray
Program of weight loss (removal of local fatty deposits)

Medical and diagnostic center "Modern dermatology and surgery" - this is your way to beauty!

We are treating:

Breast Cancer
Neurological Diseases

Our doctors have the highest levels of qualification!

Medical and diagnostic center "Modern dermatology and surgery", Poltava

Medical and diagnostic center "Modern dermatology and surgery" - Your way to healthy beauty!

The range of services

Certified products of the best world brands

Clinical conditions of cleanliness and safety

Pre-recording by phone


Our partners

Medical and diagnostic center "Modern Dermatology and Surgery" uses the products of the best world brands.


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